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How to effortlessly pose for your Engagement or Wedding photos

Did you know that the #1 reason why close to 40% of the brides have regrets with their wedding and engagement photography is because they think that their poses look very forced! But don't worry, I am here to make it very simple and easy for you! Today, we will talk about 4 foundation poses that can be used to create hundreds of different poses. So lets dive right into it.....

#1 is called The Shoulder Hinge;

As you see in the picture the couple's shoulders are placed right next to each other. Then, I told the couple to think of their shoulders as a hinge of a door. So, now if I ask them to close up their will start to face each other and if I tell them to open up, they will start getting into a V formation. Just by talking about the concept we have created three poses. You can keep on creating different types of poses by using different hand placements, touching your foreheads, making some gap in the middle, looking in different place, looking at the camera, looking away from the camera, etc. See, you can come up with countless ideas. Below are some examples of how I modified this one pose to create several others out of it.

#2 is called the Reverse;

In this pose, the couple's feet are perpendicular. Yes, I realize perpendicular and reverse are not the same thing but reverse is just to indicate that one of them is looking backwards towards the camera while the other one isn't. Now I know what you're wondering, how do you modify a pose like this? Well let me tell you a secret, EYES! You can change the look of a pose completely just by looking in different directions, look at each other, look forward, both looking backwards, etc. you get the gist. You can also modify this further by adding a walk, or changing the amount of gap between you two.

#3 is called Stacked;

In this pose, the couple's feet are stacked on top of each other. Usually, the guy is behind the girl. The tricky part with this pose is to stack the couple in a way that the person behind is still decently visible but it also doesn't look like they're standing next to each other. I personally love this pose because it just looks very interesting and there are a lot of ways you can modify this pose.

The couple can look at each other, the person in the front can lean back on the person behind, both can look at the camera, tight hugs, both can be sitting, both can be standing, snuggle in a very intimate way. Below are some examples of how I modified this post is Rebecca & Caleb's Engagement Portraits.

#4 is called Open Up;

This pose has the couple really make some space between them. I love this pose because it pulls is a lot of variety into the collection. I usually like to pair this pose with some walking or running. The important part about this pose is to just let it flow naturally. The only direction I usually give to my couples in this pose is start or stop or occasionally look at the camera. I just tell the couple to really goof off and have fun while walking. With this pose, I am really looking to show the couple happy, joyful looking very natural. You can also modify this post by having the couple turn around and walk/run away from you. Here's an example.

And there you have it folks, four foundation poses that look very natural, are easy to remember, and can be modified very easily to create hundreds of others out of them. Thank you for checking this blog out, stay tuned for the next one!